Oh my, they had forgotten my Apple Pie!

This McD I've never been
around the corner where I renewed my passport
while waiting, I decided to have a drink
McD would be quick,
and so I thought.

I couldn't find the counter
because nobody's behind it
then two ladies giggled from nowhere
and asked me what I need.

I ordered a cappuccino
cost me six fifty
eagerly took out my collection card, but
"We can't give you stamps,
we only serve drinks."

I shrugged and wondered if
an apple pie might set things right
these girls nodded but asked me to wait
Six minutes the most
that's what they promised
and so I waited six and six
and six minutes still.

I finished my drink
and it's about time
Oh my, they had forgotten
my dear apple pie!
I asked for a refund and kept the bills
guess it'll be just coffee
and the ugly photo on my passport.